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Full drop-keep-latest price revision this week broadcast

In this page read full text (total 4 page) you ZOL of line friends members good, this week of revision machine broadcast now began I is Lotte, to new year has, you machine commercial also holding out has new year gift, this week many machine are has quite range of price. we quickly see first. Samsung area: x series three paragraph machine are has 50 Yuan around of fall. and E600 (licensed importers model E608) (detailed information related articles comments) and D410 (licensed importers model D418) (detailed information related articles evaluation Comments) after a week of oscillation also drop back has original of price, seems supply problem has are solution. D410 has 260,000 color 176*220 pixel TFD color, displayed effect gorgeous dazzling; 300,000 pixel of built-in camera support 180 degrees rotating, and used less some no paragraph type digital zoom, support high-speed burst and the camera features; and Samsung carefully configuration of 64 chords Bell tone also quite has standard, than up with factory other brothers were of 40 chords more is rich has many; 1000 article of address book , 200 article of SMS storage big can meet you of daily needs, even is professional business people using, D410 also can easily meet. also, infrared interface, and GPRS, network features also ranging, makes daily of data transfer and the backup more convenient shortcut. Nokia area: members most familiar however of QD (detailed information related articles evaluation comments) finally price has, fall 100 Yuan, now quotes 1600 Yuan, however no longer contains game CD, 32M of game CD also is is nothing use, on small series by know, most QD user will mounted Shang 256M above of card. 3G "big leaves" 7,600 (detailed information related articles evaluation comments) also price has, seems to supply no longer tension, now quotes 1800 Yuan. million pixel 6,670 (detailed information related articles evaluation comments) small drop 100 Yuan, now quotes 3,500 Yuan, than 7,610 cheap many has, Deserve consideration. this machine is a machine for business, 6 series F-Secure antivirus system first used in mobile phones. 6,670 virtual network can also be used for Nokia, to provide users with a secure network connection, on the operating system, it still uses Symbian platform. in addition, in terms of business functions, 6,670 has also been enhanced, It has full of personal information management software including support PDF file format of page browser,. Bluetooth features makes 6,670 can using Nokia business set in the of Bluetooth wireless keyboard and headset, as Nokia newly launched of HS-11w.6670 also can and Nokia 23rd, launched of wireless GPS module together using, both complement each other. built-in of million pixel camera, support 4 times times digital zoom, can shooting 10 minutes of video fragment also can shooting photos. pre-reset of pictures edit Manager can to photos plus border and text to photos added a few minutes fun .

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Broken 4000 Lite Edition sold only 3,550 A1200 Standard Edition

On June 21, 2006, Motorola A1200 mainstream Ji Enji company in Beijing's latest offer were: Lite 3,550 dollars, Hardcover 3,980 Yuan. this paragraph Motorola A1200 hardcover and Lite maximum of difference is hardcover version in the more has a paragraph model for H500 of Bluetooth headset casque monster beats, a original battery and car charger. the machine maximum of selling point is its powerful of audio entertainment and card scan features, and its appearance design area also very of fashion of. figure for: Motorola A1200 phone Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported (on June 21, 2006) models Motorola A1200 (red, and black, and White color optional) latest Lite price: 3,550 hardcover: 3,980 specifications network frequency GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 size 95.7x51.7x21.5 mm weight 122 grams 2.4-inch 260,000 color TFT screen parameters of material at a resolution of 240x320 pixels beats by dre; Bell System 64 chords; supports MIDI, WMA, and WAV, Ringtones MP3 format operating system LinuxCUP models Micro-SD Intel&reg; XScale 312MHz storage 8MB memory expansion card types and frequency (TF) card does not support hot-plugging MP3 feature supports various formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC ; Radio FM radio camera function CMOS sensors, 2 million pixel picture resolution macro manually adjusting the camera pixels maximum 1600 shots X1200 resolution of photos shooting mode support night shooting, provides has General, and Sun, and lighting, and fluorescence of white balance adjustment; photos effects provides has black and white, and Brown, and exposure, and negatives of select video resolution maximum to shooting resolution for 176x144 pixel of video fragment, shooting of time only by storage card of remaining space limit, video also to for and photographed as of parameter set Java extended Java MIDP 2 input method Lenovo text entered SMS features Chinese SMS multimedia SMS support voice dial support calculator support schedule support Bluetooth support image edit Manager built-in has a image edit Manager, to on pictures for border, and image, and text of added, rotating and size, and brightness, and contrast degrees, and sharp degrees, and color and so on multifaceted of adjustment, cover has shooting features of all insufficient; data line support video playBuilt-in real Player multimedia player, supported formats are similarly as in the past, MP3, WMA, RealAudio, RMVB, 3GP, MPEG4, MIDI, WAV, AMR and AAC etc, support full screen, as well as playing in the background; WAP browser WAP 2.0WWW browser, WML, xHTML, HTML (Opera7) E-Mail support for POP3, IMAP4, SMTPZOL dealer Beijing Ji Enji business address name Gongzhufen Samsung Sony Ericsson customer service, Southeast corner of Eagles building (next door to Bank of communications) phone 010-63969833 63975151 contact Joe

Sunday, 30-Sep-2012 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beijing communication sent PHS stored 500 Yuan on the phone

Sunday, 30-Sep-2012 04:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Deformation of valiant dragons S4 artifact display Computex ASU

Computex2012 are Taiwan Taiwan hot, although this is a computer hardware product-themed exhibitions, But in this grand of IT General Assembly Shang still can see phone products of figure. ASUS as both computer products also has phone products of Taiwan local manufacturers, in Computex2012 of booth Shang to home of at products all took to has show, this which on including recent very hot of deformation phone: ASUS PadFone. figure for Computex2012 ASUS booth figure for ASUS PadFone ASUS PadFone is a paragraph across territories of products, The machine itself just a paragraph carrying has Qualcomm double nuclear 1.5GHz processor and Android 4.0 of powerful phone, but this paragraph phone can and a flat and keyboard base connection to together variable body became a "notebook computer", such of design in phone area and computer area are is rare, therefore the machine Qian paragraph time a listed on raised has great of concern. figure for ASUS PadFone figure for ASUS PadFone ASUS PadFone of flat and base are no since with system, Therefore even "variable body" zhihou system using of also is phone Shang of Android 4.0. flat and base in are design of is battery, this great of increased has phone of endurance time. figure for ASUS PadFone figure for ASUS PadFone ASUS of booth in addition to to we brings deformation phone PadFone zhiwai, also has more wonderful of products show, interested of friends can concern Zhongguancun online Computex2012 topic of other content.

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5MP camera HTC proto the 4-inch screen renderings exposure

Zhiqian had has message said this year later when HTC will publishing a paragraph name for Proto of new machine, and now this paragraph new machine of photos also finally was has exposure. Since February HTC in moved World General Assembly publishing One series zhihou, HTC in international market Shang has silence has is long a time has, can pre-thought this paragraph name for Proto of products will is it of next plays. HTC Proto effect figure although we currently also does not know this paragraph new machine eventually will was how named, But from configuration view, it and HTC One V very approximate. HTC Proto equipped with has a 4 inches WVGA screen, 5MP camera, 1GHz double nuclear valiant Dragon processor and the 9.62 mm thick of fuselage. However this paragraph new machine in appearance Shang of design also is and HTC One V vary of, it does not like HTC One V as has a obvious of "Alice Chin", but used has mellow of streamline shaped design, and One series in the of high-end models comparison approximate. Although we still don't know HTC will be released when this named "Proto" new machine, but in the recent run is coming soon, and in Germany Berlin, IFA is probably a good choice, let us see whether HTC will use this as an opportunity to publish this new machine.

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